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Luxury Households….

Does your life feel unmanageable? Do you find there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on your to do list? Here are some of the ways Jennuine Assistance can help you manage your life and household and truly enjoy the life you were meant to live:

  • Schedule wellness appointments (doctors, dentists, personal trainers)

  • Property Management:

    • Create a database of contacts for utilities and preferred vendors

    • Develop and manage a property management calendar (pool maintenance, landscaping, HVAC, housekeeping service, etc.)

    • Household organization projects

    • Source and obtain quotes for construction or renovation projects

    • Manage renovation/construction projects and create file of final documentation

  • Research and book personal travel

  • Research other household needs

  • Setting up hard copy or electronic filing systems

  • Research

  • Bill payments

  • Bookkeeping and expense tracking

  • Shopping and gift giving

  • Errands